Blocktrust Identity Wallet for Desktop Browsers - Alpha Release

Thank you for installing the Alpha Release!


Please note that this is an early version of the extension and as such may have some limitations and bugs compared to future versions. As an alpha release, it is not intended for production use. We are actively working to improve it, and your feedback is invaluable to us.

Possible Bugs

As this is a testing phase, there may be undiscovered bugs that could potentially affect your experience, including the loss of data managed by the extension.

Data Collection

The extension and the Blocktrust Mediator Service may collect minimal data necessary to improve these functionalities. For more details, please read our Privacy Policy, accessible from the menu.


We encourage you to provide feedback on any issues you encounter or suggestions for improvements. Please submit your feedback via our Discord server.


This extension will receive frequent updates to fix bugs and implement improvements. Updates may occur automatically.


This Alpha release is temporary and is intended to be replaced by a more stable Beta or final release.


The developer is not responsible for any damages or issues that may occur while using this alpha version of the Blocktrust Identity Wallet Browser Extension.

By using the Alpha Release, you agree to these terms.

Updated 2023-09-20