identity wallet

The first browser-based wallet for your digital identity on the Cardano blockchain. Compatible with Atala PRISM.


A browser wallet

Welcome to the Blocktrust Identity Wallet documentation. This page serves as your gateway to understanding the functionalities, applications, and potential use-cases of Blocktrust Identity Wallet, an innovative digital identity tool in the Cardano ecosystem.

What is Blocktrust Identity Wallet?

The Blocktrust Identity Wallet is a cutting-edge Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) wallet designed for Chromium-based browsers such as Chrome, Edge, and Brave. It serves as an end-user tool for digital identity management, designed with a user-friendly interface and versatile capabilities.

Developed in mid-2022 and accelerated by acceptance into Catalyst Fund 9, this extension-wallet is the first of its kind within the Cardano network. While some of its features are still under development, most are readily demonstrable and primed for future refinement.

See the demo (July 2023)

Key Features

The Blocktrust Identity Wallet supports the creation and use of Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs), which play a significant role in identity verification across various platforms. It also facilitates the issuance, holding, and verification of W3C JSON-JWT verifiable credentials, serving a range of roles from issuers to holders and verifiers.

Moreover, the wallet supports secure chat functionalities and can interact with integrated websites for signing and authentication with a DID's signing key. This makes it a potent tool for secure and private communications.

The wallet also integrates seamlessly with websites, facilitating smoother interactions without the need to switch contexts or devices. This leads to enhanced user experience in identity management, from registration and sign-in to the exchange of credentials and message notifications.

Interaction Protocols

The Blocktrust Identity Wallet incorporates the PRISM Onboard & Authenticate protocols. These facilitate streamlined user registration and authentication processes via Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs). The use of these protocols offers a unique and secure method for users to prove their identity, replacing traditional username/password combinations.

Technical Foundation

The wallet is a Single Page Application (SPA) constructed with Web Assembly (WASM), C# Blazor, a small amount of TypeScript compiled to JavaScript, and Chromium’s Manifest v3. This robust technological foundation allows for scalability and adaptability to future developments in the Cardano ecosystem.

Future Aspirations

Looking ahead, Blocktrust plans to expand the wallet's features, including enhanced backup/restore options, support for other DID methods, integration with Cardano crypto wallets, and specialized workflows for specific use-cases. The goal is to create a comprehensive identity management tool that caters to the evolving needs of the Cardano community and beyond.