Identity wallet

A browser extension wallet to manage, issue and share credentials from within the browser. Making credentials and DIDs available in the browser and enabling interaction with websites is essential to the future growth of PRISM. Just as Metamask pioneered the crypto wallet, we need an identity wallet for SSI. We may just be part of that revolution.

The Identity Wallet will allow you to:

  1. Create a new wallet
  2. Back Up and Restore an existing wallet
  3. Create and view your Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs)
  4. Communicate via the DIDComm protocol
    1. Connect with and communicate with other identity agents, such as Credential Issuing Platforms and other Identity Wallets
    2. Send and Receive text Chat message with users of other Identity Wallets and agents supporting Chat
  5. Use Verifiable Credentials
    1. Receive credential offers and accept credentials (in JSON-JWT format) from an Issuer
    2. View your Verifiable Credentials
    3. Receive a Presentation Request from a Verifier, and Respond with a Verifiable Credential Presentation
    4. Send a Presentation Request as a Verifier, and Receive another's Verifiable Credential Presentation
  6. Interact with Websites that leverage Blocktrust's JavaScript API and protocols supported by the wallet. These protocols include Atala PRISM Onboard and Authenticate, Signing, and others.